Bel with Max Tetelin in Normandy
We knew things had gone pretty well.  Especially when we had sold several items even before we reached the Channel Tunnel. With our van filled to the gunnels we had also had to cut short our buying trip to France as we simply didn’t have any more room! The van was filled with so many beautiful European finds, we were just excited to get them back to Oxfordshire and arrange shipping to clients. Here then is a little snapshot of that amazing trip …

 19th century Oxblood lanterns

Meet Team Montpelier Interiors

Firstly, though let me introduce us if we haven’t met. Montpelier Interiors is a family run business which draws on our shared love of art history, antiques and design.  We have enjoyed careers in the oil and gas industry (Nick), language teaching (Bel) and logistics for a top UK events company (Jordan) and our daughter (Connie) is our cheerleader but what links us is a life-long passion to unearth the very best antique and decorative furniture the world has to offer.

 Bel Bel

Jordan and Laura

 Nick and Marin

It is all about stories

As with all hunter gatherer types, there is nothing we like better than the thrill of the chase. Our mission is always to seek out the most exquisite historical pieces with stories that resonate for clients and their interior projects. For us, it is all about the provenance, the stories and the people that we meet along the way.

Montpelier Interiors buying ethos

We are unapologetically uncompromising in our searches. Especially when it comes to how far we travel to find a particular item.

The Montpelier Interiors motto is to only buy what we would have in our own home. The minute you buy something that you don’t personally love, then we often find that it just doesn’t sell anyway. Buying for a quick ‘flip’ (profit) rarely works out.

“Sunday at Home” with mix of furniture for sale

The test too, is if you can’t walk away from an object, if you keep thinking about it, then you know that you MUST buy it!

We have complementary approaches when it comes to buying. Nick tends to be attracted to larger scale items and to animals. While Bel has a real eye for detail such as the craftmanship and material of how something is made. Bel’s ability to speak 3 languages - French, Spanish and German as well as smatterings of Catalan and Mandarin - is also an invaluable asset on our trips.

We tend to look out for a mix of furniture style and period along with sculpture and accessories. We also offer a bespoke service to look for specific items for clients.

Not letting go

Just very occasionally though, there are those pieces which quite frankly we find difficult to part with!  On our most recent trip, Bel spotted this tryptique of 18th Century Florentine panels and knew instantly that she would need to become their personal “custodian”.  For Nick, it is an uber cool wooden bar (but that’s a story for another time).

Sustainable interiors

Apart from the obvious historical and decorative attributes of buying antiques and vintage furniture, the carbon footprint for antique/vintage is 16 times less than that of buying new.

On the open road

We always have a plan and book ahead to meet up with favourite sellers but we aren’t afraid to wander off the beaten track too. Our 2,500 mile round trip this time took us via Normandy, and towns and villages such as Bellême, Rosnay and Beziers in the South.


Where do we find our stock?

We buy from jumbly roadside brocantes to markets and more elegantly curated spaces such as the barn showroom run by Couleurs and Co in the Loire.  We have made great friends over the years so doing business is always a pleasure.

Montpelier Interiors Breaking News!

There is so much exciting news to share but just to say if you haven’t read it already on the Muddy Stilettos website, Montpelier Interiors will be opening a shop in Henley-on-Thames in September 2020. For more news of the shop opening and for new stock, please watch this space both here on our blog and @Montpelier_Interiors.

With many thanks from Nick, Bel and Jordan.