Monte Carlo Grand Prix 2019

Monte Carlo Grand Prix 2019


Great design comes in all shapes,sizes and tastes. Ofttimes there is an element of waste; how much sand to make glass, how much water to make and dye clothes, how much fuel in a racing car to win a trophy?

We tried to visit Monte Carlo in 2018, driving with joy along the French Riviera from Nice. Just a look see visit whilst on holiday. The traffic jam we encountered was dispiriting, so we diverted along the Cap d’Ail and along to the Cap Estel, unable to park anywhere, settling for the Bistro Kiosk in a lay-by, high above the Plage d’Eze-sur-Mer. It had a parking space! And steak-frites. 

Striking contrast in 2019. A totally unsolicited, no expense spared, every wish catered for, you just couldn’t have made it up, full-on 5* hospitality experience of a lifetime at the Monte Carlo Grand Prix. We had breakfast sitting next to Alain Prost. We met Valterri Bottas on the Mercedes yacht. We drank champagne. All day. For 2 days. We saw the achingly beautiful cars in the pits. We dined Michelin style in the Mercedes motorhome. In the apartment the next day, the visiting test drivers who showed us their test equipment and shared their experiences, were jealous of our view. We could see over two thirds of the circuit and peered over the start and finish line, the Monte Carlo Automobile Club, monogrammed ACM on the rooftop terrace, and the whole bay before us. 

Hamilton won. Sunday night fireworks smashed into the sky, the bay boomed and partied. A Mercedes S class S63 had whisked us from Nice to the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel. I have never had such a luxurious back seat drive.

A seven seater transporter took us home from fairyland. 

I’m not even a racing car fan but I had my Grace Kelly moment. 

It was the best weekend we had ever had; it had surprised us and there was definitely someone sprinkling fairy dust.