The Country Brocante and Harvest Festival, Daylesford, Kingham, Gloucestershire, Angleterre, still in Europe.

The Country Brocante and Harvest Festival, Daylesford, Kingham, Gloucestershire, Angleterre, still in Europe. This is our second visit. The first one was a bit more stressful; What could possibly go wrong, taking a three month old puppy to a country fayre with antiques and vintage items? Lots of ‘Oohs’ and ‘Ahs’ and ‘What a GORGEOUS puppy!’ With a swishing tail near lots of breakables. Or chewing fabric. Or just straining, unrelentingly on the leash. Having a wee near the fancy portaloos. Not exactly cold, not quite raining, we welcomed the hot pumpkin soup under the harvest area tent. 

No dog this time. And a heat to rival high summer. Glorious! 


This is a ‘ confrererie’ of vendors who are well- practised, market-savvy and know their customer. As one vendor confided ‘This is so much more profitable than your average field and country event’.

The vintage beehives in the main arena were soon stickered red ’Sold’ whilst in the harvest area the art of creating the aforementioned beehives was demonstrated then explained. We are all bee-conscious; we need those bees; their wax, their honey, their pollination practice. Their industry. 

We bought a dough tray and a laundry table. And a French enamelled house number ‘21‘, the number of our recently celebrated wedded years. And three pairs of brand new striped cotton socks, several glasses of rosé and some ice cream made with Jersey milk. We think Guernsey milk has the edge but having queued for quite a while our breath was too short for jocular comparisons. 



A bit of sunburn in late September and a couple of purchases I now wish I had made. 

He who hesitates is lost. Or just take note of the flyer for the next fayre and hope the vendor still has that beautiful still life in oils ...